International Expert Workshop on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The «International Expert Workshop on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities in Mekong Region» was held 22–23 January 2015 at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. The presentations are now avaialble.


acrobat icon Programme


Day 1 morning (chair: Mukand S. Babel)


acrobat icon Reflecting on Nexus: Is it Nirvana or Nullity? (Dipak Gyawali)

acrobat icon Complex Issues in a Dynamic Environment: The Water‐Energy‐Food Nexus on the Ayeyarwady
     (Eric Kemp‐Benedict | SEI)

acrobat icon Water-Energy-Food Foresight for Sustainable Economic Development and Eco-Resilience in ASEAN Countries
     (Surachai Sathitkunarat | Asia-Pacific Economic Commission and National Science Technology and Innovation
     Policy Office, Thailand)

acrobat icon Water, food, energy and ecosystems – a pan-European perspective (Michael van der Valk | Europe)

acrobat icon Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus in Cities – Cases from Bangkok, New Delhi and Tokyo (Shobhakar Dhakal)

acrobat icon Water-Energy Nexus: Cases of urban water supply system in Thailand and Japan (Mukand S. Babel)


     Day 1 afternoon (chairs: Michael van der Valk and Sangam Shrestha)

acrobat icon The Water‐Energy‐Food Nexus: Technology Innovation in the Mekong and Beyond (Anthony M. Watanabe)

acrobat icon Scenarios for Resilience: Managing Uncertain Future on the Water Energy Food Nexus (R. Zanoli)

acrobat icon Integrative rice plantation techniques for low carbon cultivation and less water consumption (Sirintornthep Towprayoon)

acrobat icon The water-energy nexus of the Chinese Irrawaddy catchment (Thomas Hennig)


     Day 2 (chair: Thomas Hennig)

acrobat icon Water‐Food‐Energy Nexus / Integrated Water Resources Management in the Sesan River: The Experience of the
     EU STRIVER twinning project (Antonia Lo Porto | IRSA-CNR)

acrobat icon Hydropower and irrigation scenarios at the Nam Ngum River Basin (Chanseng Phongpachith | National Agriculture and
     Forestry Research Institute, Laos, & IWMI)

acrobat icon Water Energy Food Nexus: Critical Role of Food Loss Reduction and AVRDC’s Initiatives in Mekong Region and Asia
     (Antonio Acedo)

acrobat icon Status of water, energy and food security in Vietnam: need integrated solutions (Nguyen Mai Dang, Thuyloi University,
     Hanoi, Vietnam)

acrobat icon Dam development: The challenges of Water-Food and Energy security (Dian Sisinggih, University of Brawijaya,

acrobat icon Water Energy Management Issue: Cambodia Perspective (Sok Chamroeun, National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia)

acrobat icon NAHRIM R&D Initiatives and its contributions to the national water R&D sector (Saim Suratman, National Hydraulics
     Research Institute of Malaysia)

acrobat icon Addressing water, energy, food security nexus in transboundary river basin management for Lower Mekong Basin
     (Thanapon Piman, MRBC)


Panelists: Dipak Gyawali, Chanseng Phongpachith, Michael van der Valk, Surachai Sathitkunarat, Nguyen Mai Dang, Sok Chamroeun, Thomas Hennig