Salt Water Intrusion Meetings proceedings now available online

The Salt Water Intrusion Meetings (SWIMs) have been organized since 1968 and have become an important platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas about saltwater intrusion and coastal hydrogeology. Currently, SWIMs are organised every 2 years, and the venue alternates between a European and a non-European country. The proceedings and abstracts from the 22 meetings held to date form an important scientific legacy and they illustrate the developments in this field over the past 45 years.

2013.01.16_swimlogoWe are in the process of digitizing the proceedings from past SWIMs and making them available online.

Right now the abstracts and proceedings of 11 of the 22 meetings are online, comprising more than 500 articles. The ultimate aim is to make all proceedings available via this website. Therefore we would like to ask people that have paper copies of those volumes that are still missing to contact us to see how we can add those to the collection.


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Mark Bakker
Gu Oude Essink
Vincent Post