PhD defense «Groundwater System Identification through Time Series Analysis»

Careful analysis of groundwater level fluctuations may reveal much of the functioning of systems, and of the effects of individual factors. This is shown by many, but practiced by too few, as traditional time series analysis theory and software are complex. In his thesis, Jos von Asmuth presents a new method of time series analysis. The defense of his thesis will be on 5 March 2012 at Delft University of Technology.

2012.03.05_Von_AsmuthIts continuous time formulation fits existing physical-hydrologic theory and methods well. It is shown that groundwater level responses generally take the shape of simple distribution functions. This notion, combined with the program Menyanthes that was developed, enable the quick and easy analysis of large numbers of time series. The spatial patterns that emerge in the results of multiple models literally add another dimension to the technique. As time series models are usually accurate also, they may be valuable to every (eco)hydrologist.

The thesis can be downloaded from the Dutch PhD theses webpage.


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