The World's Water Volume 7: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources

Although we do not have a report for 2010, «The World’s Water», the ‘Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources’ ,promises again to be a very interesting and well-written publication if it is like the previous six volumes. We reviewed them all before and were excited each time about the quality of the chapters. Volume 7 features chapters on U.S. water policy, climate change and transboundary waters, and the effects of fossil fuel production on water resources, and other timely issues. Water briefs provide concise updates on topics including bottled water, The Great Lakes Water Agreement, and water and security. We expect that Peter Gleick and his team from the Pacific Institute have done a great job again.

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ISBN: 978-1-59726999-5 (paperback) or 978-1-59726998-8 (hardcover)



Foreword by Robert Glennon

One: Climate Change and Transboundary Waters (Heather Cooley, Juliet Christian-Smith, Peter H. Gleick, Lucy Allen, and Michael Cohen)
– Transboundary Rivers and Aquifers
– Managing Transboundary Basins
– Transboundary Water Management Policies and Climate Change
– Case Studies
– Conclusions and Recommendations

Two: Corporate Water Management (Peter Schulte, Jason Morrison, and Peter H. Gleick)
– Global Trends that Affect Businesses
– Water-related Business Risks
– Key Factors that Determine Extent and type of Risk
– Risk and Impact Assessment
– Strategies for Improved Corporate Water Management
– Conclusions: A Framework for Action

Three: Water Quality (Meena Palaniappan, Peter H. Gleick, Lucy Allen, Michael J. Cohen, Juliet Christian-Smith, and Courtney Smith)
– Current Water Quality Challenges
–Consequences of Poor Water Quality
– Moving to Solutions and Actions
– Conclusion

Four: Fossil Fuels and Water Quality (Lucy Allen, Michael J. Cohen, David Abelson, and Bart Miller)
– Fossil-fuel Production and Associated Water Use
– Fossil Fuels and Water Quality: Direct Impacts
– Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems
– Impacts on Human Communities
– Conclusion

Five: Australia’s Millennium Drought (Matthew Heberger)
Water Resources of Australia
Impacts of the Millennium Drought
Responses to Drought

Six: China Dams (Peter H. Gleick)
– Dams in China
– Dams on Chinese International Rivers
– Exporting Chinese Dams
– Growing Internal Concern over Chinese Dams
– International Principles Governing Dam Projects: The World Commission on Dams
– Conclusions

Seven: U.S. Water Policy Reform (Peter H. Gleick and Heather Cooley)
– Background
– International Water Reform Efforts
– Common Themes and "Soft Path" Solutions
– A 21st Century U.S. Water Policy
– Conclusions

Water Briefs
One: Bottled Water and Energy (Peter H. Gleick and Heather Cooley)
– Energy to Produce Bottled Water
– Summary of Energy Uses
– Conclusions

Two: The Great Lakes Water Agreements (Peter Schulte)
– History of Shared Water Resource Management
– Conclusion

Three: Water in the Movies (Peter H. Gleick)
– Popular Movies/Films
– Water Documentaries

Four: Environment and Security: Water Conflict Chronology (Peter H. Gleick and Matt Heberger)

Data Section
Data Table 1. Total Renewable Freshwater Supply by Country
DataTable 2. Freshwater Withdrawal by Country and Sector
DataTable 3. Access to Safe Drinking Water by Country, 1970 to 2008
Data Table 4. Access to Sanitation by Country, 1970 to 2008
Data Table 5. MDG Progress on Access to Safe Drinking Water by Region
Data Table 6. MDG Progress on Access to Sanitation by Region
Data Table 7. Under-5 Mortality Rate by Cause and Country, 2008
Data Table 8. Infant Mortality Rate by Country
Data Table 9: Death and DALYs from Selected Water-Related Diseases
Data Table 10. Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) for Water Supply and Sanitation, by Donating Country
Data Table 11: ODA for water supply and sanitation by subsector (total of all donating countries)
Data Table 12: Organic Water Pollutant (BOD) Emissions by Country (% from various industries), 2005
Data Table 13: Top Environmental Concerns of the American Public: Selected years, 1997–2010
Data Table 14: Top Environmental Concerns Around the World
Data Table 15: Satisfaction With Water Quality Worldwide
Data Table 16: Extinct Freshwater Animal Species
Data Table 17: U.S. Water-Related Budget
Data Table 18: Overseas Dams with Chinese Financiers, Developers, or Builders (as of August 2010)
Data Table 19: Per-Capita Bottled Water Consumption by Top Countries, 1999 to 2009

Water Units, Data Conversions, and Constants
Comprehensive Table of Contents
Comprehensive Index