Letter by Markku Puupponen on hydrology in WMO’s RA VI

In his letter Markku Puupponen, hydrological adviser to the president of RA VI of WMO, explains the hydrological part of the Regional Work Plan for 2010–2013.

»The RA VI Management Group has now accepted a Regional Work Plan for 2010–2013. Due to the new RA VI structure, hydrology and water related issues form a part of a joint Climate and Hydrology Work Plan. This arrangement will improve the collaboration of climate and hydrology communities, and some of the activities will include joint working and reporting.«


There will be five Task Teams for the following topics:

– Hydrometry (lead by Dominique Berod, Switzerland)

– Water scarcity and drought (lead by Giuseppina Monacelli, Italy)

– Potential extreme floods (lead by Bogdan Ozga-Zielinski, Poland)

– Flood forecasting and warning: methods approach (lead by Ilmar Karro, Sweden)

– Hydro-meteorological early warning systems: operational systems approach (lead by Caroline Wittwer, France)


acrobat_icon Letter by Markku Puupponen, 2 March 2010