Complex and Dynamic Implementation Processes: new book on water governance

«Complex and Dynamic Implementation Processes: Analyzing the Renaturalization of the Dutch Regge River» is a new book by Cheryl de Boer and Hans Bressers, University of Twente. They have assembled the results of over two years of research about the renaturalization efforts of the Regge River in the Twente region (NL). The authors provide a careful evaluation of the many different projects over the last decade as part of the long term vision for the River Regge.


2001.11_Regge_Riveracrobat_icon Complex and Dynamic Implementation Processes


The perspectives provided within the book are developed from interviews given by the wide variety of important stakeholders, which are thus valuable to both practitioners and academics. Comprehensive descriptions of the approaches followed by the Water Board of Regge and Dinkel and many other stakeholders are further explored through an analysis focused on policy implementation and project management.

An overview is provided of the most interesting aspects of the policies that are combined in these multi-functional projects. Looking towards the actors, the analysis shows a remarkable variety of practitioner’s strategies to cope with many different environments. The overlapping of project goals, open communication and adapting to different opportunities are seen as being key aspects of successful stream restoration projects taking place in a complex and dynamic context. The study includes many lessons for practitioners on how to make optimal use of the opportunities given – or create new ones.