CHO-TNO Publications

Between 1952 and 1993 the government of the Netherlands funded the Commission for Hydrological Research TNO (Commissie voor Hydrologisch Onderzoek TNO, CHO-TNO). During this period two publications series have been published: one in Dutch (Verslagen en Mededelingen), the other in English (Proceedings and Information: Rapporten en Nota’s).

In the Proceedings and Information series 47 volumes have been published. Recently Fugro has digitized them for the Netherlands Hydrological Society, so that they now can be made available (again) to a broad audience. We will add more links here soon.


acrobat_icon 23 – Precipitation and measurements of precipitation (1977)

acrobat_icon 24 – Urbanization and water management (1987)

acrobat_icon 28 – Evaporation in relation to hydrology (1981)

acrobat_icon 30 – The role of hydrology in the United Nations Water Decade (1983)

acrobat_icon 35 – Design aspects of hydrological networks (1986)
     Published with support of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

acrobat_icon 39 – Evaporation and weather (1987)

acrobat_icon 40 – Geothermal energy and heat storage in aquifers (1988)

acrobat_icon 41 – Hydro-ecological relations in the Delta Waters of the South-West Netherlands (1989)

acrobat_icon 42 – Water management and remote sensing (1990)

acrobat_icon 43 – Hydrochemistry and energy storage in aquifers (1990)

acrobat_icon 44 – Hydrological research basins and the environment (1990)

acrobat_icon 45 – Ecological water management in practice (1991)

acrobat_icon 46 – How an estuary changed into a fresh water lake: the water management of Lake Volkerak/Zoom (1992)

acrobat_icon 47 – The use of hydro-ecological models in the Netherlands (1993)