CEO Briefing: Global Depletion of Aquifers

Global companies must take an active role in groundwater governance to avoid existential risks. That is the main conclusion of the CEO Briefing on Global Depletion of Aquifers. The exposure of multinational companies to depleting and degrading groundwater is increasing. The rapid depletion of aquifers is a systemic risk to one billion people in the world’s growing economies. Aquifers are shared across national borders and have the potential to spark conflict. Companies must act beyond their site operations and help improve groundwater governance if they are to ensure their sustainable growth.

2016.07.13 CEO Depletion AquifersThe conclusions are in line with those of the international expert workshop on «The Value of Groundwater», organized by the Netherlands Hydrological Association (NHV) and IAH’s Netherlands Chapter in Nieuwegein (NL) on 23 September 2015.


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» Unleashing Business Leadership for Groundwater Governance
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