Green growth and water allocation

The Netherlands National Committee IHP-HWRP, together with the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO, has published a new (fourth) publication in their series of water-related UNESCO publications: «Green growth and water allocation». Edited by Sophie Primot, Michael van der Valk and Penelope Keenan, the publication contains contributions from many of the speakers of a 2-day workshop held in November 2012 in Wageningen, the Netherlands.


Green growth and water allocation


Foreword, by Blanca Elena Jiménez Cisneros

Preface, by Robert Zeldenrust

Water allocation and green growth – Summary of the meeting, by Marguerite de Chaisemartin, Karin Thomas, Sophie Primot and Michael van der Valk

Position paper for the international workshop on Water Allocation and Green Growth, by Petra Hellegers

ABCDE – A framework for thinking about water resources management, by Chris Perry

Reallocating water for the environment in the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia – Current concerns, practices and remaining questions, by Brian Davidson and Hector Malano

Implications of international water law for water allocations and transboundary agreements, by Annukka Lipponen

Allocating scarce water – Why traditional approaches need to evolve, by Daniel Zimmer

IMAGE – A tool for exploring the effects of water allocation and green growth strategies, by Willem Ligtvoet, Hester Biemans, Elke Stehfest, Tom Kram, Lex Bouwman, Arno Bouwman, Johan Brons

Water and green growth in Republic of Korea, by Tae-Sun, Shin

Preparing for an uncertain future through option analysis – The case of the Roode Vaart, by C.G. van Rhee

Water allocation in 2050 – Tools and examples, by Peter Droogers, Walter W. Immerzeel, Wilco Terink, Johannes E. Hunink and Godert W.J. van Lynden

The test of time – Finding resilience across climate boundaries, by John Matthews

Economists owe ecology an apology, by David Zetland

Things heard in Wageningen, by Xavier Leflaive


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