MLU for Windows – UNESCO edition

MLU for Windows is an analytical groundwater modelling tool to compute heads and drawdowns, analyse a variety of aquifer test data and design well fields in layered aquifer systems. The Netherlands National Committee IHP-HWRP is pleased to announce the availability of the special UNESCO IHP edition of MLU – fully functional and free for UNESCO’s IHP community.

drawdown_kleinThe UNESCO IHP edition of MLU for Windows comprises a fully functional special edition with high capacities that are only slightly limited compared to the full version. 

As a rule, present day computer codes for aquifer and slug test analysis still use the same solutions and techniques that were common several decades ago. Each type of aquifer test, characterized by a long list of conditions and assumptions, is associated with a particular analytical solution (e.g. Theis, Hantush) for only one aquifer. The related procedures to determine the aquifer properties (usually two or three) often require straight-line fitting or type curve matching with some part of the measured data. Unlike such traditional aquifer test software, MLU uses a unique single generalized solution technique for well flow.

MLU for Windows is based on:
– An innovative analytical solution technique for well flow in layered aquifer systems
– Stehfest’s numerical method to convert the solution from the Laplace into the real domain
– The superposition principle, both in space (multiple wells) and time (variable discharges)
– The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for parameter optimization (automated curve fitting).

contour_kleinThis unique combination of techniques allows for all tests to be analysed in a consistent way with a single user interface: recovery tests, variable discharge tests, step-drawdown tests, complex tests in well fields and slug tests. It also handles partially-penetrating and large-diameter wells and double-porosity systems. Results are printed in ASCII files and plotted as time–drawdown graphs and animated contour plots.

Theoretical background information on the applied analytical solution techniques for multiple aquifer systems has been published in, e.g.: Journal of Hydrology, vol 90, pp 231–249 (1987) and vol 225, pp 1–18 and pp 19–44 (1999).

Practical examples of real-world situations can be found in the Tutorial.


New version: 2.25 (11 June 2013):

installer_icon MLU for Windows 2.25 – UNESCO edition installer

acrobat_icon MLU for Windows 2.25 – UNESCO edition flyer

acrobat_icon MLU for Windows 2.25 User’s Guide

acrobat_icon MLU for Windows 2.25 Tutorial


More information on MLU at Many thanks go to Kick Hemker, who made this possible.