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La Hora del Planeta – 2016

La Hora del Planeta (en inglés Earth Hour) es un evento mundial que se celebra algún sábado de marzo de cada año y consiste en un apagón eléctrico voluntario, en el que se pide a hogares y empresas que apaguen las luces y otros aparatos eléctricos durante una hora. Con esta acción simbólica, se pretende concienciar a la sociedad sobre la necesidad de adoptar medidas frente al cambio climático antropogénico y las emisiones contaminantes, así como ahorrar energía y aminorar la contaminación lumínica.

Transboundary Water Cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals

The establishment of the post-2015 development agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN General Assembly points towards an integrated plan to tackle global challenges. A new paper by UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) advocates for an indicator on transboundary water cooperation that should be broad enough to reward also cooperative frameworks aimed at developing a sound system of exchange of information, and not only fully fledged IWRM systems.

World Water Development Report 2015

The 2015 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report, «Water for a Sustainable World», was launched on World Water Day, 20 March 2015. On kind invitation by the Government of France (CNRS), on behalve of the European Union, some of the authors were in Paris that day. On the occassion of World Water Day and on behalf of the authors, Michael van der Valk presented the book «Managing Water Resources under Climate Uncertainty» at UNESCO’s headquarters to the director of the Division of Water Sciences and the Secretary of UNESCO’s International Hydrololgical Programme (IHP), Ms Blanca Jiménez Cisneros, who also wrote the foreword. Following this small ceremony the World Water Development Report was presented to the authors the following day at the Parisian Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, attended by representatives of the European Commission.

Mike Bonell passed away

We are sorry to have to inform you that Professor Mike Bonell died in Paris last week. Professor Bonell was a valued colleague at the Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science and contributed significantly to the Centre in many ways. He was instrumental in obtaining UNESCO Category II status for the Centre in 2005, and his expertise in hydrology and catchment science provided a vital contribution to the Centre’s multidisciplinary focus.

Flow regime alteration due to anthropogenic and climatic changes in the Kangsabati River, India

Neha Mittal’s paper, «Flow regime alteration due to anthropogenic and climatic changes in the Kangsabati River, India», has just been published in Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology. The USA Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources has kindly funded the participation costs for this bright PhD student from India, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, in order to present her research at a UNESCO symposium in Łódź, Poland. The «International Symposium Ecohydrology, Biotechnology and Engineering: Towards Harmony between the Biogoeosphere and Society on the basis of Long-Term Ecosystem Research» was held 17–19 September 2013. 

Lessons from North and Central American UNESCO-HELP Basins

The U.S. National Committee for the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme has issued a Monograph on the «Science and Practice of Integrated River Basin Management: Lessons from North and Central American UNESCO-HELP Basins». The report is the product of the North American - UNESCO HELP workshop held at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 10–12 May 2010. 

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