More frequent drought likely in Eastern Africa

The increased frequency of drought observed in Eastern Africa over the last 20 years is likely to continue as long as global temperatures continue to rise, according to new research published in Climate Dynamics. This poses increased risk to the estimated 17.5 million people in the Greater Horn of Africa who currently face potential food shortages. New projections of continued drought contradict previous scenarios by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

E-learning course on «Water Footprint Assessment: towards sustainable and efficient water use»

7–18 February 2011, online • The Water Footprint Network is organizing the next e-learning course on «Water Footprint Assessment: towards sustainable and efficient water use». The objective is to introduce the concepts of water footprint and virtual water; discuss potential applications in water savings through trade; present why a business would want to conduct a corporate water footprint assessment, and how to do so.

Letter of 24 November 2010 by Markku Puupponen on hydrology in WMO’s RA VI

Markku Puupponen is doing a great job with informing all of us about the developments on hydrology in WMO’s Regional Association VI, both in WMO as in the European Commission (Water Framework Directive).

UN-Water Activity Information System (UNW-AIS)

The UN-Water Activity Information System (UNWAIS) is now online. The information system helps you to find activities, projects and programmes of UN-Water agencies, according to certain criteria.

World Water Week in Stockholm: 2010 Conclusions and 2011 Announcement

The World Water Week 2010 Overarching Conclusions summarises and analyses the discussions and outlines the recommendations and initiatives which were put forward. Simultaneously, the 1st Announcement for the 2011 World Water Week in Stockholm, 21–27 August  2011, invites interested individuals and organisations to submit workshop abstracts or proposals to convene a seminar or side event.

Water and adaptation to climate change – CPWC cleaned up reports and DVDs

The Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate (CPWC) has cleaned up its stock. All reports and DVDs are now out of stock! But...

SamSamWater to work on safe and reliable water for all

A new Dutch non-profit organization just started: SamSamWater. The SamSamWater Foundation supports water projects in developing countries. ‘sam sam’ means ‘together’ or ‘to equallty share together’.

IAHS Newsletter 98 (December 2010) is out

The latest newsletter (number 98) of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) has just been finalized. Cate Gardner, IAHS Press, again did an excellent job!

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